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Yoga Classes

Weekly Classes on Tuesdays in Stroud and Bristol and ZOOM class on Wednesdays

The Stroud classes are currently fully booked - email me to go on waiting list

The Bristol class has space - more info below

From 26th May 2021 I'm running a weekly zoom class on Wednesday evenings from 5.30-6.30pm email me kirsty@lovingtheyoga.com for more details 


About the classes…

Each class will be different as we will be focusing on a particular aspect of ourselves each week, however the structure of the class will remain the same… and all classes will work on strengthening our nervous system and balancing our glandular system, increasing our vitality, and reducing our levels of stress.




Bristol classes and ZOOM classes also available via MoveGB https://www.movegb.com/move-bristol/loving-the-yoga  

You can pay cash in class, or email me for online payment details.

This class is suitable for all levels, beginners and more experienced yogis welcome.

Please email me kirsty@lovingtheyoga.com if you’d like to receive my weekly email.


Please feel free to call Kirsty on 07968 493452 if you have any questions before your first class


  • Tuning in chant
  • Warm up exercises which will prepare you for the yoga set (kriya) to follow
  • Kriya – a series of exercises designed to affect a particular aspect of yourself
  • Deep relaxation
  • Meditation
  • Tuning out chant

Please bring…

  • A yoga mat
  • A blanket for the deep relaxation
  • A bottle of water

Wear loose fitting, comfortable clothes

Ideally not. It’s best to practice on an empty stomach so try not to eat for 2 hours before the class starts


Since my first Kundalini Yoga class with Kirsty I have been absolutely hooked! I was completely new to Kundalini yoga and was unsure about what to expect. Kirsty has such a warm nature and makes you feel nothing but welcomed and supported right from the start, her teaching is clear informative and concise. A great part of this class is each week is new Kriya which is great for people like me with short attention spans as it keeps you engaged and nothing becomes repetitive. Tuesday has officially become my favourite day of the week at the end of every class I leave feeling calmer, more positive and more in tune with myself physically, mentally and emotionally. It makes you feel great!


Attending Kirsty’s kundalini yoga class has been transformational, my only regret is that I did not find her sooner.
Kirsty radiates such positive energy that no matter how I feel before a class, I always leave uplifted and energised.
Thank you so much Kirsty for changing my life


I’m a newcomer to Kundalini, and after a taster elsewhere was overjoyed at the serendipity of finding a class where I live. After my first class with Kirsty I was totally hooked, in a way that I never have been with any class of any art, craft or sport before. I feel now like it’s the practice for me, for life. Kirsty exudes happiness and enthusiasm and it’s infectious and uplifting. I particularly like her introductions to the theme of the practice, her depths of understanding and knowledge, her clear explanations and reminders – setting the context, and helping to tune out of mad-land and tune into the class and particularly the self, where the encouragement to close your eyes and concentrate on your own particular practice and development helps foster a lovely relaxed, non-comparative atmosphere. Equally she explains those breathing exercises inappropriate for those with certain conditions, alternative postures where the usual one is uncomfortable, and gently encourages commitment to finishing the kriya or particular exercise but supports the struggles that practitioners sometimes have. Furthermore she heartily welcomes feedback, questions and clarifications that really encourages a regular practice. I’ve been inspired to practise daily because it’s so well held – supported, encouraged and resourced – Kirsty provides crib sheets and playlists and answers questions also by email and social media. Another aspect of her classes that makes them such a joy are the music she plays, the sound quality of the player she uses, her lighting in the room, and the occasional gong-bath she facilitates. Kirsty is a lovely, happy, nurturing soul and her classes are an absolute joy. I have a chronic health condition but always feel so much better – more energetic, more vital, more joyful – when I go. Kirsty teaches 2 classes now where I live but I would be over the moon to go 7 times a week if I could. I totally and utterly recommend her classes. Bless you and thank you Kirsty.


I have been coming to Kirsty’s class in Stroud for about 4 weeks and it has changed my life. It has opened me to be able to fully open to and embrace life, breath and energy. I was always noticing an element of control and this is breaking down along with fear as I soften and relax deeper into who I essentially am through the exercises. I love Kirsty’s style of teaching. She is so natural and easeful in herself. Very clear in her descriptions and demonstrations of the exercises and what the exercises bring about. She is great at keeping you motivated! Her joy, vibrancy, passion and love for Kundalini yoga is infectious. She is the walking embodiment of it and that’s what makes her an excellent teacher. I’ve fallen in love with it, I feel so much more vibrant, happy, awake, energised and passionate about life. Kirsty’s classes are a real gem, beautifully held and a real joy to take part in. I can’t recommend them or her highly enough.