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Kundalini Yoga with Kirsty

Kundalini yoga is an ancient, powerful and transformative form of yoga. Working with the breath, yoga postures, mudras, eye focus, body locks, chanting and meditation, we open up energy pathways, release physical and emotional blocks, and activate our energy of potential.

I am passionate about Kundalini yoga and the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual transformations that are possible for everyone who practices. Through regular practice of these yogic techniques we create a healthier, stronger, more flexible physical body, increase our stability and vitality, improve our mental concentration and sharpen our awareness, connect with our inner wisdom and create a happier, healthier, more prosperous life.  Kundalini yoga is suitable for all levels and ages.

I teach weekly classes in Stroud and Bristol, run regular retreats in the UK and abroad and co-create Kundalini Clubbing.

At the moment classes are taking place live on Tuesday evenings 6.30-8pm on ZOOM

email me kirsty@lovingtheyoga.com for details.



By focusing on breathing techniques in combination with postures, movements and mantras we begin to train the mind. At the same time by giving it a focus we release it from our daily worries. The increased bloodflow from the postures leaves us feeling more energised and with and increased sense of clarity.


Our bodies were designed to move. The Kriyas we practise are a set of postures and movements that build upon each other, pumping the lymph around our bodies, clearing out toxins, increasing bloodflow, strengthening, stretching and toning our muscles, leaving us feeling energised and rvitalised.


Kundalini is our creative life force. By working on and activating our energy centres (chakras) through the breath, postures and mantras, we activate and enhance our Kundalini energy. This strengthens our auric field and connects us with our inner wisdom to create a happier, healthier, more prosperous life.

Since my first Kundalini Yoga class with Kirsty I have been absolutely hooked! I was completely new to Kundalini yoga and was unsure about what to expect. Kirsty has such a warm nature and makes you feel nothing but welcomed and supported right from the start, her teaching is clear informative and concise. A great part of this class is each week is new Kriya which is great for people like me with short attention spans as it keeps you engaged and nothing becomes repetitive. Tuesday has officially become my favourite day of the week at the end of every class I leave feeling calmer, more positive and more in tune with myself physically, mentally and emotionally it makes you feel great!



some of the upcoming events

  • 10:00 AM - 6:00 PM
  • Stroud - Soul Simple

Due to Covid19 this has been postponed

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