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Kundalini Clubbing

Cacao, Yoga, Dance and Gong

We LOVE Yoga, and we LOVE Dance! So we hit on the idea of creating a regular event that includes both…allowing DOUBLE the amount of body/mind bliss!

Our Kundalini Clubbing events are currently on hold!

VENUE: St Michaels Parish Hall, Park Lane, Bristol, BS2 8BE
VENUE DIRECTIONS: http://lovingtheyoga.com/classes/bristol-weekly-drop-in/

Kundalini Clubbing is a bringing together of the most powerful transformational tools to energise your body, mind and spirit.  Beginning with a sacred Cacao ceremony  to open your heart and expand your consciousness, a Kundalini yoga set (with Kirsty), Kundalini dance (with Mark), for blissful body-mind integration, followed by conscious club night with deep house, ecstatic, uplifting tunes from DJ Tigger and ending the night in the most sublime way with a deeply healing gong bath.

Kundalini yoga, the most effective way to stream your energy to get your bliss channels free and open and Kundalini dance, a shamanic and ecstatic dance through the Chakras, which defies explanation, it just has to be experienced!