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About Kundalini Yoga

About Kirsty

I qualified as a teacher of Kundalini Yoga in 2010 with iSKY, and run popular classes, workshops, retreats and Kundalini Clubbing events.  I’m passionate about Kundalini yoga and its transformative effects, inspired by dance and movement and the possibilities for healing, personal growth and natural ecstasy.

I co-created Kundalini Clubbing in June 2014 to bring the combination of yoga and dance into a supportive, healing, fun space and I consider myself very blessed to be able to share what I love with others.  I am deeply committed to helping you release your blocks, raise your vibration and live a happy, healthy blissful life!

Please feel free to contact me with any questions on 07968 493452 or email kirsty@lovingtheyoga.com

www.lovingtheyoga.com and kundaliniclubbing.com

A few comments from current students …

“I have been coming to Kirsty’s class in Stroud for about 4 weeks and it has changed my life. It has opened me to be able to fully open to and embrace life, breath and energy. I was always noticing an element of control and this is breaking down along with fear as I soften and relax deeper into who I essentially am through the exercises. I love Kirsty’s style of teaching. She is so natural and easeful in herself. Very clear in her descriptions and demonstrations of the exercises and what the exercises bring about. She is great at keeping you motivated! Her joy, vibrancy, passion and love for Kundalini yoga is infectious. She is the walking embodiment of it and that’s what makes her an excellent teacher. I’ve fallen in love with it, I feel so much more vibrant, happy, awake, energised and passionate about life. Kirsty’s classes are a real gem, beautifully held and a real joy to take part in. I can’t recommend them or her highly enough.” Tracy ​
“Since my first Kundalini Yoga class with Kirsty I have been absolutely hooked! I was completely new to Kundalini yoga and was unsure about what to expect. Kirsty has such a warm nature and makes you feel nothing but welcomed and supported right from the start, her teaching is clear informative and concise. A great part of this class is each week is new Kriya which is great for people like me with short attention spans as it keeps you engaged and nothing becomes repetitive. Tuesday has officially become my favourite day of the week at the end of every class I leave feeling calmer, more positive and more in tune with myself physically, mentally and emotionally it makes you feel great!” Carly
“I’m a newcomer to Kundalini, and after a taster elsewhere was overjoyed at the serendipity of finding a class where I live. After my first class with Kirsty I was totally hooked, in a way that I never have been with any class of any art, craft or sport before. I feel now like it’s the practice for me, for life. Kirsty exudes happiness and enthusiasm and it’s infectious and uplifting. I particularly like her introductions to the theme of the practice, her depths of understanding and knowledge, her clear explanations and reminders – setting the context, and helping to tune out of mad-land and tune into the class and particularly the self, where the encouragement to close your eyes and concentrate on your own particular practice and development helps foster a lovely relaxed, non-comparative atmosphere. Equally she explains those breathing exercises inappropriate for those with certain conditions, alternative postures where the usual one is uncomfortable, and gently encourages commitment to finishing the kriya or particular exercise but supports the struggles that practitioners sometimes have. Furthermore she heartily welcomes feedback, questions and clarifications that really encourages a regular practice. I’ve been inspired to practise daily because it’s so well held – supported, encouraged and resourced – Kirsty provides crib sheets and playlists and answers questions also by email and social media. Another aspect of her classes that makes them such a joy are the music she plays, the sound quality of the player she uses, her lighting in the room, and the occasional gong-bath she facilitates. Kirsty is a lovely, happy, nurturing soul and her classes are an absolute joy. I have a chronic health condition but always feel so much better – more energetic, more vital, more joyful – when I go. Kirsty teaches 2 classes now where I live but I would be over the moon to go 7 times a week if I could. I totally and utterly recommend her classes. Bless you and thank you Kirsty.” Derek

“Kirsty runs a relaxed, fun, supportive class. She has so much information about Kundalini yoga, the background and the specific impact of the individual exercises on the body and mind. This helps to understand some of the practices that you’d be less likely to come across if you’ve previously practiced other forms of yoga. The classes are challenging in all the right ways. I feel I get a great workout, without the atmosphere being in any way competitive.  I highly recommend the class to anyone, no matter their experience levels.” Gemma

“Incredible experience . On my first session with Kirsty I was lying in savasana, listening to sounds and vibrations instead of being in silence as usual at the end of a yoga class. Suddenly my right arm and leg lurched upwards and it felt like an electric shock had gone through my right side. Later I read up on this and discovered how Kundalini Yoga rebalances the yin and yang energies. My yang/assertive/male energy must have been completely out of whack! Now feeling so much stronger in myself” Suzanne

“I’ve been attending these classes for a few months now. At the time of my first class, I was feeling very stuck in my own practice, ie stopping and starting. . So when Kirsty came to Stroud with her beautiful kundilini yoga classes , I again feel inspired to get back into daily practice.. I would highly recommend to anyone, and always look forward to the next class. Blessings and gratitude to you Kirsty…” Zoe

“Absolutely amazing class. I have never done anything quite like this before (have done yoga) so was a bit nervous. Kirsty is an incredible teacher who holds the space brilliantly. I can’t wait until next week!” Rachel

“I would definitely recommend Kirsty’s classes, she has a warm, caring and fun approach which allows you to feel supported, I have done quite a bit of yoga but Kundalini is my favourite it’s so powerful and when I leave my body feels like its smiling. I also wanted to share that Kirsty and her teachings of Kundalini yoga provided me with guidance and strength when I was going through a difficult personal experience, this practice is so powerful and I just love her classes.” Emily

“Kundalini Yoga with Kirsty is definitely a highlight of the week…. I feel so nurtured and held, so energised and also deeply mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually relaxed and connected all at once. Kirsty’s gentle wise way of being is just what I need on a Tuesday evening!” Hazel

“Kirsty’s Kundalini Yoga class is the highlight of my week! It brings so much positivity into my life and I notice that I am more in touch with myself and feel great physically. Kirsty is a wonderful teacher and creates a supportive environment to practise yoga in. The music that she uses only adds to the magic. I enjoy that each week we focus on a different area, such as strengthening the immune system, getting rid of fear, opening the heart and many more. The day after, I always feel refreshed and catch myself smiling more. I simply cannot get enough of these classes and would recommend them to anyone.” Kristina

“Kirsty is bright and zingy and a pleasure to be around, she is also passionate , committed and knowledgable in her yoga instruction – I recommend her class” Steve

A bit more information about Kundalini Yoga

Kundalini Yoga is called the mother of all yogas – the yoga of awareness – it is the most powerful, transformative form of yoga.   It has been practised secretly for thousands of years in India by yogis and royals – it was kept secret all that time as it was so powerful and they didn’t want power to get into the wrong hands.  It was handed down very selectively from master to disciple (these disciples had to spend years proving their trustworthiness and purity to receive the teachings).  In 1969, Yogi Bhajan knew that he had to share these teachings with the world in order to prepare humanity for the major changes that are taking place in our world now.  Kundalini yoga balances the glandular system, strengthens the nervous system and enables us to connect with our inner wisdom.  It works on physical, emotional and spiritual levels and uses a combination of breath techniques, mantras, postures and body locks.  It helps to prepare our body for the safe release of our Kundalini energy and this helps the human being to live their full potential.